Workspace – July 2017

Welcome to my desk!


Here I keep books related to drawing and notebooks, markers, pencils, washi tape and other bits and pieces. Sitting on the desk is my current Hobonichi Cousin avec and original size Hobonichi.

The desk is the Lisabo from Ikea. It’s quite skinny so it fits well in my small space.


Mildliners, Zig Clean Color Brush, Van Gogh pencils, and other pens.


Hobonichi guidebooks, Illustrator Note magazine, previous year’s Hobonichi, books by Sugiura Sayaka…


MT masking tape rack purchased from Japan- I think MT have these available on their shopping site. You’ll need a shopping service to ship it outside of Japan.


See you again soon!

Hobonichi Techo flipthrough

Here’s a little video I made of the year so far. It’s interesting to see how drawing style changes over time, and how different pens create different lines. I’m using the Hobonichi Cousin, which is the A5 size planner. I can fit a lot into one page that way 🙂

Here’s some more pages featured in the video:

Looking forward to the next six months of the year!


Everyday has something different about it – that’s worth recording.

Like many people, I have a bad memory for everyday things, and keeping a notebook helps. I like Austin Kleon’s thoughts on keeping a log book of daily events, no matter how small.

I use a Hobonichi Techo to make drawing and journalling a daily habit. Founder Shigesato Itoi has some interesting thoughts on writing a “life book”.

It doesn’t matter what notebook you use – one with daily dated pages will help to prompt you to put something down. Even if it’s one word, that means something in retrospect.

So here’s to a new beginning, and a record of where you’ve been so far.